A Week in Links: February 24

It’s Oscar Sunday.

Today is actually a pretty decent day for sports. I could go on and on about the Accenture Match-play golf semifinals and finals or the Daytona 500 (coming soon) or Lakers/Mavs or quarterbacks and wide-receivers are working out at the NFL Combine today. But today is about the movies that not that many people have seen, starring actors that none of us will ever meet. These stars and starlets gather in a large venue to congratulate themselves and give out shiny gold trophies for being paid millions of dollars to speak words emotionally that other people wrote for them.

Ah, the Oscars.

I’ve already made my foolproof selections so you should know who will win each award, but with fairness in mind, I’ve decided to post three other Oscar prediction lists to see what the “experts” are picking.

The first comes from the Deadspin movie critics Grierson and Leitch picking the major categories. And then they pick the categories that nobody really knows anything about. 

Then Grantland picks their winners. 

The Voodoo Doctor/Presidential Prognosticator/Numbers White Witch Nate Silver has thrown his formulas and algorithms into the Oscar race. I have a few disagreements with his predictions which will almost certainly be wrong.

Finally, the best Oscar preview/prediction piece came from Deadspin’s Drew Magary who wrote “The 2013 Hater’s Guide to the Oscars.” It’s the Oscar piece I wish I would’ve written and can’t do anything but appreciate it and show it to the single digits of people that read this website.

Happy Oscars, everybody. And I’m actually looking forward to Seth Macfarlane, unlike some of the whiners out there.


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