Brandon Knight Killed in Mid-Air by Flying Dunking Monster

#RIPBrandonKnight may just be a thing now.

During tonight’s Pistons-Clippers game, Chris Paul threw a lob to DeAndre Jordan, Brandon Knight rolled to the ball and tried to make a defensive stop like he is supposed to. He was unsuccessful and the Internet exploded. This death-by-dunkification of Brandon Knight will be remembered by the Internet for 2 days and by ESPN for 10 – that’s how it works, the Internet has already forgotten about the Jamal Crawford-to-Blake Griffin ‘oop from last week. But for now, let us revel in the glory, the pain, the triumph and the misery that is this alley-oop.

Brandon Knight had no comment and avoided the media after the game, which is very understandable. Go home Brandon. Turn off your iPhone, turn on the Food Network and go to bed. Sadly, this is the most notable thing that the Detroit Pistons have been a part of all season. And even if it momentarily makes you look bad – like Pau Gasol – sometimes it’s better to just get out of the way when a charging freight-train of hurdling, imminent death is coming towards you. It may be too late for Brandon Knight, but others may learn from his experience.

Updated: Brandon Knight responds via Twitter. Well done, Mr. Knight.


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