Other Shows That Should Be “Kickstarted”

On March 13, creator and executive producer Rob Thomas put his short-lived and cult-followed show Veronica Mars on the online fundraising site Kickstarter. The idea was to crowd-source the funding for a movie version of the cancelled show. The fans have demanded a Veronica Mars movie ever since the show went off the air and while Thomas said he had a script written and commitments from the cast, he couldn’t get the movie funded. In three days, the VM Kickstarter raised $3.5 million with over 50,000 backers – the fastest funded and largest ever Kickstarter project. This amazing display of support and fandom is being touted as “a new way to fund movies.” While it probably isn’t a viable way to actually fund movies, other defunct shows may want to crowd-source their own movie. Here are a few other shows that should be “kickstarted.”

Arrested Development has already been funded by Netflix and a movie is in the works. No Kickstarter needed this time, but it would’ve topped my list. An Entourage movie and a Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque movie are also in development.

Alias would be a great movie. Get Jennifer Garner out of average movies and reunite her with the now-A-list Bradley Cooper. Have Ben Affleck direct it and we have a hit on our hands. I could sell this movie to the studios now.

Jericho was cancelled, then un-cancelled due to popular demand from fans, and then cancelled again. Fans would “kickstart” the hell out of Jericho tomorrow. Skeet Ullrich can’t be that busy.

Deadwood fans were already promised a movie by HBO, only to have that hope dashed. Out of any shows on this list, the HBO western would probably make the best movie. Make it happen.

Friday Night Lights has already been a movie, but there should be a film version of the television show based on the film – that was a film version of a book called, “Friday Night Lights.” Did that make sense? The (new) movie should be a Kyle Chandler/Connie Britton continuation of the TV show’s plotlines. Show creator and first film director Peter Berg has already said that the script is done and ready for shooting.

Sports Night was when Aaron Sorkin was still trying to figure out who Aaron Sorkin was. Telling the story of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann’s “Big Show” era of SportsCenter in a West Wing/Newsroom style would have worked if it was made today, on HBO or Showtime. Sports Night could have been a phenomenal show during its first run, but if it was made today – in this time of heightened awareness and increasing interest into the inner workings of sports media – the show could grab a section of the population that it was unable to during its initial ABC run. The ABC show had a laugh track, and we wonder why it didn’t work. “Kickstart” this now, whether on film or back on TV, wherever.


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  1. What could they possibly do with another Friday Night Lights movie anyway? I thought they wrapped everything up pretty well at the end of the series.

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