ESPN to Air Ultimate Frisbee, Bro

(Photo: Wheaton College)

Tie up your dreadlocks and put down your Doritos taco, the ESPN family of networks has agreed to air the Ultimate Frisbee College Championships in May. Frisbee people don’t even use the word “Frisbee” when addressing Ultimate, dude. They’re way past that. ESPN, ESPNU and ESPN3 are planning to air Ultimate’s Collegiate Championships. The Mothership will also air the “Triple Crown Tour,” which is an Ultimate regular season, the National Championships – a competition of American teams – and the U.S. Open – “the world’s premier international ultimate tournament and features 24 of the best teams from around the globe.”

The USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford (They have a CEO? I thought it would be just a collective communal effort of people just uniting together for the greater good of community through sports, man) says about the agreement with ESPN:

The networks of ESPN represent the premier sports platform in the world, and aligning ourselves with the most powerful brand in sports puts ultimate in an extraordinary place.”

(“Ultimate” Fan Translation: ESPN is, like, sweet. They’re like the Phish of sports channels. No, no, they haven’t sold out like Phish have. Wait, do you people still like Phish? Once you play Madison Square Garden, are you no longer ok with the “cool people?” I’m the CEO, not the head of cultural outreach, man.)

“The strategy we’ve discussed with ESPN will serve both the traditional television viewer as well as our young and tech-savvy membership base with multiple convenient and accessible viewing options”

(“Ultimate” Fan Translation: You can be on Reddit and watch Ultimate at the same time – without leaving your bed. You’ll love this.)

The ESPN Director of Programming and Acquisitions, Todd Myers said:

“Carrying the College Championships and inaugural Triple Crown Tour live on ESPN3 is a true testament to our goal of serving fans.

Delivering these events across platforms to more than 83 million households nationwide is great exposure for a sport that showcases the highest level of competition in ultimate sports.”

My only request for ESPN is, when will Australian Rules Football be back on TV? It’s an amazingly fun sport to watch and the American market is just hurting without it. But, I digress. Ultimate on TV should be an enjoyable viewing experience, I just hope that ESPN will cover it with their full power and make it look slick and stylish – not like a cable access channel’s coverage of Ultimate. It’s gonna be sick.


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