Kliff Kingsbury’s Swag-ocity Is Off The Charts

On March 4, Deadspin leaked a memo¬†sent by a Texas Tech booster to the Red Raiders’ deputy athletic director saying that their new hotshot 30-something coach Kliff Kingsbury needs to be marketed as a star. Have Kliff get a nickname, a personal stylist and acheive B-list celebrity status, “which will somehow lead to his being invited to the Oscars and Grammys. Also New York Fashion Week.”

The thing is, Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t need a stylist or a PR firm to make him swagadocious, swagnanimous, swaggeriffic (spell check hates me right now). He does it all on his own. Kingsbury shaves with a 2-guard to keep his five o’clock shadow pert and punctual. He (sort-of) stole Steve Nash’s “Gatsby” haircut. But he knows how to coach an offense and act like one of the kids.

Texas Tech TV released a video of the King coaching his team. He says “Today” after everything. TT TV cut together a solid minute of Kliff saying “let’s go” like he was a skipping CD, and telling a player that he looks “murdered out” which apparently means “wearing all black.” And he raps along to a Notorious B.I.G. song that was his “high school stuff.”

Basically, Kliff Kingsbury makes Mack Brown and Bob Stoops shake because he looks like he could still play.

[Coaching Search]


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