A Week in Links: March 31

Happy Easter and Happy Return of Game of Thrones Day.

To celebrate the return of the most elaborate and encapsulating show on television, here are some links to help spur the excitement.

Don’t quite know how each character is related to another, or how the family trees work? Haute Slides has done the work for you:

What makes Game of Thrones so great is that it would NEVER work on basic cable. Slacktory compiled every swear word said on the show so far in a video that they called “Game of Fucks.” Curse words aren’t what I initially thought when I saw the title:

The ESPN debate show that scores the argument, Around the Horn, did another nod to a TV show (ATH already did a Mad Men intro) with a Game of Thrones style show opener, which they called Game of Horns. The real title music was probably too expensive but the animation is incredible:

They also made sigils for each “House” to which their debating sportswriters belong:

Speaking of the real title sequence, Forbes Magazine tells the story of how the innovative, expensive (and crazily long and involved) opening sequence was made.

Finally, the Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard people compared every Game of Thrones house to a Major League Baseball team. Take a wild guess at who they think the Lannister’s are:


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