Believe It Or Not, Bubba’s Hovering On Grass

Bubba Watson and Oakley released a video today of Bubba’s new ride. No, not the General Lee, he’s had that for a while now. Oakley, along with “Hovercraft expert Chris Fitzgerald” (That’s a thing?), developed a hovercraft that can sail across fairways and provide a futuristic approach to finding your ball.

“Using hovercraft technology, the BW1 is able to glide over any terrain, including grass, sand, and water.”

Fitzgerald says that the hovercraft has a footprint pressure about 33 times less than a human foot, which means it can be driven on and around the greens. Gone are the days of parking 30 feet from a green and WALKING to it. Gone are the days of driving around water hazards, the hovercraft flies, or glides, or whatever right over them. Neoteric, Inc. – Fitzgerald’s company – retails a similar hovercraft at $32,000, when fully stocked. There’s also no way that Oakley will ever mass-produce this, but it’s awesome and I want one.

Bubba has to be a favorite to repeat at the Masters if he’s driving this thing, right? Also, the Champions Tour just got a whole hell of a lot more interesting.

[Devil Ball Golf]


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