Barkley And Vitale Call A Game Together, Sort Of

Over the past few months, Charles Barkley has made it known that he wants to call a game with Dick Vitale. Vitale and ESPN are apparently on board. However, Turner Sports and CBS had been against the idea.

But on Thursday night, Charles Barkley was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s show that’s taping this week in Atlanta for the Final Four, and the host united to two basketball analysts. Just, it wasn’t calling a real basketball game. It was watching bizarre mascots trying to dunk – a recurring segment on Conan. The mascots included Morbidly Obese Colonel Sanders (whose dunk went in), Superman with his cape caught in a toilet, Mr (BL)T, and Atlanta’s Peachtree Tower with erectile dysfunction.

Vitale made fun of Barkley’s weight, Barkley laughed at Vitale’s jokes and made fun of Vitale’s shtick. Their chemistry was undeniable and infectious.

How would this not work? Put them with Dan Shulman and set them free.

[Team Coco]


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