Craig Ferguson Just Can’t Help But Laugh

One of the best jokes told during Craig Ferguson’s monologue last night wasn’t the joke at all. I love it when comedians – Kevin Hart, Bill Hader (Stefon), anyone on SNL, and apparently Ferguson – crack up like this. Many people dislike when comedians “break,” but those people are whiny and have no sense of humor.

“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman. If you want absolutely nothing said or done, ask a cat.” – is what Craig was trying to say.

The joke is marginally funny, but Craig laughing hysterically before he could even get through the joke itself, is by far the best part. He’s genuine and sincerely finds this joke too funny to tell the first time. And that makes it even funnier for the audience. For God’s sake man, be a professional – his words, not mine. The producers also made a wise decision to leave this moment in the show. Don’t edit out something this spontaneous and hilarious.


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