Dortmund’s Tifo Will Give You Nightmares

Borussia Dortmund played Malaga in the second of their two matches in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday. After a scoreless draw in the first match, Dortmund needed some inspiration to advance in the world’s premier club competition.

A massive tifo (an organized action of fans, normally a sign or card formations) lifted from the bowels of the endzone. The fans held yellow and black cards that once together, created the image of the UEFA Champions League trophy. And there was the binocularized, Waluigi-looking character who brought the message, “On the trail of the lost Cup,” with him in a banner underneath.

Dortmund ended up beating Malaga 3-2 in dramatic fashion, and this tifo was there to help them and strike fear into the hearts and minds of any visiting fans.

Dortmund has become famous for these tifos and have made it part of ¬†Westfalenstadion’s pregame rituals. You can thank the Ultras – a fanatical, sometimes hooligan-like group who are normally part of tifos – for these amazing displays of support.

Here’s one tifo being created from scratch, then displayed at the Westfalenstadion in Dortmund:


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