Last Call With Alec Baldwin?

The latest name in the late night hosting carousel is not that of Seth Meyers – the favorite to take over Jimmy Fallon’s time-slot – but Alec Baldwin. Bill Carter and the New York Times are reporting that the former 30 Rock star is in the mix for Carson Daly’s time-slot at 1:30 a.m. on NBC.

In an earlier post, I wrote that Baldwin is too busy for a nightly talk show, but that was for Late Night, not Last Call.

Carter writes:

“After that move was announced, speculation immediately began about who might succeed Mr. Fallon at the “Late Night’ show. Now the mutual interest between Mr. Baldwin and NBC about opening a late-night spot for the actor could result in three new late-night hosts for NBC.”

Baldwin is a seasoned guest on late night shows, has hosted Saturday Night Live more than anyone and clearly has the comedic chops to hold his own if were ever forced to do a monologue. Baldwin could do wonders at 1:30 a.m and bring some elegance to a show that would be DVR-ed more than watched live. If he turned it into a network version of Charlie Rose with more laughs, he would excel. He could do longer form interviews with whoever he wants, and record multiple interviews in one day – which would allow him to continue his career as a working actor. Baldwin is currently starring on Broadway in “Orphans.”

Baldwin hosts a podcast that also airs on WNYC Radio called “Here’s the Thing,” which is a twice-monthly interview show. He has interviewed everyone from David Letterman and Lorne Michaels to Andrew Luck and Kristen Wiig. The interviews are free-flowing, with limited voiced interludes from Baldwin to inform the audience of the guests’ past. The conversation is a true conversation, not simply a seven minute segment for a celebrity to plug a project. If Baldwin could bring his podcast to TV, and book the guests that he’s been able to get, it would be a success.

Carter writes:

“The format of the half-hour podcasts takes Mr. Baldwin out of the studio and into some remote locations — like a star’s apartment – to conduct the interviews. The advantage of hosting a similar show for television would be that Mr. Baldwin could record several interviews in a single day and leave his schedule open to perform as an actor, either in movies or potentially another television comedy.”


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