The Masters Par 3 Contest: Caroline Wozniacki Sucks At Golf

“Carry my bags, woman,” is probably not how Rory McIlroy broached the topic of caddying to his girlfriend – the tenth ranked women’s tennis player in the world, Caroline Wozniacki. The 23 and 22 year old sports power couple suited up together for the annual Masters Par 3 Contest, in which golfers who are playing – or have played – in the Masters play nine, par 3 holes with a caddie of their choice. Some choose their children, some choose friends or parents or wives, Rory chose his famous girlfriend.

“I really wanted her to come here and see Augusta and see the Masters and see what it’s all about,” Rory told Golf Channel. “It’s great that she’s here this week and it makes this afternoon special that she can be out here with me.”

The Par 3 Contest is a great way to start “Masters Week” by allowing these fierce competitors to let loose and play with their loved ones, and play alongside some of the greats. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player all played in the Contest and it is every golfer’s dream to play a round with them.

Ted Hopper, Jr. ended up winning the Contest in a playoff against Matt Kuchar, Phil Mickelson, but the result is mostly irrelevant. The Masters Par 3 Contest winner has never won the actual Masters tournament in the same week, but the event is a great chance to see your favorite golfers (other than Tiger Woods, who never competes) enjoy a golf-filled afternoon with their family. I think Mickelson and Kuchar may have tanked the Contest because they didn’t want to face the jinx that the Contest winner experiences every year. Beware of the jinx.

Rory even let Caroline hit a tee shot. She should’ve yelled “FAULT!” and taken another crack at it. You can do that in golf, right? Her divot went further than the ball. The ball had a lot of topspin and topspun right into some water down below. Maybe she should stick to trying to hit a fuzzy green ball instead of a little white one that doesn’t move. But Rory laughed, gave her a high-five and she smiled. All was well in Augusta, and all is well for the second ranked golfer in the world.

Here’s Caroline Wozniacki’s “tee shot:”

[Photos by Getty]

[Eye on Golf]


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