Monthly Archives: June 2013

LeBron’s Second

LeBron did it again, and all of the noise should stop.


USC is “Wide Receiver U,” Apparently

USC is “Wide Receiver U,” among other things.

Bowling Green’s SID Made A Huge Mistake

Ever wanted to sack a PR member of your college team? Come play at Bowling Green, where you can tackle the entire administrative wing of the football team!

Dan And The Danettes Do The Sausage Race

And in first, Andrew “McLovin” Perloff in the Hot Dog suit.

Alabama Superfan Dies At 91 After Attending 781 Consecutive Games

Alabama fan Dick Coffee was unlike any other fan. He attended 781 consecutive Alabama Crimson Tide games – home and away – and 51 consecutive bowl games.

A Week in Links: June 23

This week: Neymar scores and sambas, Dan Le Batard rants, David Shaw TED talks, Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose interview future NBA draftees, An Oral History of the 2003 NBA Draft and the Wolf of Wall Street.

ESPN’s Technical Difficulty Doesn’t Want Bill Simmons Talking About The Decision

Bill Simmons wanted to talk about “the Decision.” ESPN did not want him to.

Uncle Jonathan’s Corncob Pipe: The First Anchorman 2 Trailer


Bret Bielema Wants Everybody To Just Slow The Hell Down

A few years ago, up-tempo styles in the SEC were an afterthought; offenses that teams “out West” put into place because they couldn’t play defense. Not anymore.

Alabama Adds A Waterfall To Its Locker Room

Alabama has a waterfall in its locker room. Why not?