A Week in Links: June 16

We start this Week in Links where we left last week’s, with Brazil’s great hope, Neymar.

The pressures of the ebullient footballing nation were lifted a little when the flamboyantly-quaffed striker lit up the scoreboard with a stellar strike from outside the penalty area in the third minute of Saturday’s game against Japan. Brazil went on to beat Japan 3-0 and their hopes for a Confederation Cup title at home live on.

Photo: Protesters swarm Sao Paolo. (Mauricio Lima / New York Times)

Speaking of Brazil, while the Confederations Cup has gone ahead as scheduled, protests outside the gates of these stadiums have been growing. The protesters are vocalizing their disapproval of the rise in cost of living due and the eviction of many residents due to the construction of World Cup stadiums.

The New York Times reports:

One issue surging to the fore involves anger over stadium projects in various cities ahead of the 2014 World Cup, which Brazil is preparing to host. Some projects have been hindered by cost overruns and delays, the unfinished structures standing as testament to an injection of resources into sports arenas at a time when schools and public transit systems need upgrades.

“The largest protests are happening in cities which will host World Cup games,” Mr. Malini said. “Brazilians are mixing soccer and politics in a way that is new, and minority voices are making themselves heard.”


Jimmy Kimmel sent his parking-security-agent-turned-television-superstar Guillermo to the NBA Finals media day. Calamity ensued, Guillermo said LeBron 50-ish times to try and get LBJ’s attention and he went “Mano a Manu” with Manu Ginobli. Good stuff here.


The annual Miss USA pageant was on Sunday night and there was the usual chain of events: Evening gown, swimsuit, etc. But the most exciting, and most unnecessary part, of the entire event is the question and answer portion. Every year, there is one bright-eyed and full-hearted pageant contestant who just doesn’t quite know the answer to the question – which apparently are Congressional Committee-type questions. I mean, come on. They’re beauty pageant contestants, not applicants for some think tank or something.

Miss Utah tried to answer why women make less than men. Enjoy.


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