I’m Moving, But Not Really

For some reason, someone likes some of the things that I do. Amazing, I know. I’ve accepted a position as a staff writer for the Bloguin-owned site “Crystal Ball Run” – a college football blog that covers anything and anyone involved in amateur pigskin.

Fear not, my five loyal readers, I will continue to post as irregularly as usual on this site. And I will post probably all of the CBR (that’s what the cool kids call it) pieces that I write on here as well: for archival purposes and just to fill space, really.

Thanks to all dozen of you who have read the Sporting Herald so far and thank you to Aaron Torres and Ben Koo and all those involved at Bloguin and CBR who have given me this opportunity.

My first article, fittingly enough, is about Texas A&M’s Athletic Director making a joke about Alabama. His punishment will be swift, on Sept. 14, when Alabama comes to College Station.

Here’s that article.¬†Enjoy.


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