Uncle Jonathan’s Corncob Pipe: The First Anchorman 2 Trailer

Ron Burgundy, as the man himself says in this very first trailer, was put on this Earth to have salon-quality hair and read the news. The 70’s are over, the Anchorman gang is back together and they apparently all have perms. Christmas cannot come soon enough, as the sex-panther-soaked sexcapade that this movie will be is only six or so months away.

The Channel 4 News Team is stripped of its San Diegan home and thrown into the teeth of the 1980’s 24-hour news world. Obviously, Brick Tamland (and his new love interest, played by an equally-stupid Kristen Wiig) should definitely have his hands all over the creation of a CNN-type network.

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay had enough time to spend on this movie and percolate the jokes so that Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues can be the movie that we all want. And fortunately for us, the title isn’t Anchorman 2: The Legend Dies, or Anchorman2: Seriously, We Aren’t Making Any More Movies After This.

I’d love to see an Anchorman 3 where Ron and the news team move to Fox. But in the meantime, start playing Journey and snorting cocaine, because Ron Burgundy has made it to the 80’s.


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