A Week in Links: June 23

As we’ve started the last two weeks, we start off again with Neymar. There isn’t much else to say about him other than all the hype surrounding him and this Brazilian Confederations Cup team was all warranted.

Here’s a USA Today GIF of him doing a little dance after he scored the free kick goal.


After Neymar, we’re going to go video-heavy. First up is a recent rant by Miami columnist, radio host, TV host and resident superfan Dan Le Batard. The Miami heat won the NBA Championship last week and Le Batard had something to say, or yell, at all of the naysayers. Among the screaming, Le Batard did fit some good jokes about the Spurs, including a two minute Boris Diaw fat joke-a-thon. The physical fitness needed for Dan to yell for this long is impressive on its own.



And others:


Stanford’s head football coach David Shaw gave a TED talk. Of course the Stanford football coach gives TED talks. He is continuously solidifying his status as one of the best and brightest coaches in the country. His soft-spoken nature and calm on-the-field demeanor doesn’t describe the cerebral nature of Shaw. He, with the help of Jim Harbaugh, has set up a powerhouse at Stanford, a school that does not compromise academics for the athletes like other schools might. The question of whether a school like Stanford that prides itself in academics could have a good football team was answered by with back-to-back BCS bowl games in a row, 24 wins over the last two years and a quality, highly-ranked recruiting class each year with Shaw at the helm. It won’t be long before Shaw becomes the next “hot” coach that the NFL teams will start calling.

“We didn’t compromise to become a good football team,” Shaw said. “We held true to what Stanford was built on: brilliant students, motivated students and now attach a good football team to that.”


The NBA Draft is coming up this Thursday and to prepare for that Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose interviewed the top few players for Grantland as their NBA “Job Interview.” They interviewed top players including Trey Burke, Alex Len, Shabazz Muhammad, Victor Oladipo, Ben McLemore and others.

Here’s their “Job Interview” with Shabazz Muhammad:


ESPN’s Brian Windhorst put together a two-part oral history of the 2003 NBA Draft, the LeBron draft. Here’s Part 1, Part 2. Enjoy:


The 2003 NBA draft took place on June 26 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. Many who work in the league called it one of the deepest drafts in history. It has ended up producing nine All-Stars, a handful of franchise players and two Finals MVPs, and seven years later, it spawned the greatest free-agent class ever.

James: I knew I was staying home. It was a calm day for me until I had to go up and meet [NBA commissioner] David Stern. I had dreamed about that moment, walking across the stage and putting on the hat. So I got a little anxious when I got up there.

James: That was a disgusting suit. It was too big, and I looked like Casper the Friendly Ghost, all that white. I know it goes down as one of the memorable draft suits with Karl Malone and his tie and Jalen Rose and Samaki Walker with his hat. But I can’t bear to look back at it.”


Finally, a trailer for “The Wolf of Wall Street” was released last week. Martin Scorsese stars and Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey and Kyle Chandler star. It looks like it’s basically “Wall Street” meets “Goodfellas” but whatever it actually is, it looks good. Kanye West yelling in the background in the trailer doesn’t hurt. And hey! It’s a true(-ish) story. It comes out Nov. 15.


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