Dan And The Danettes Do The Sausage Race

Photo: Todd Rosenberg

Dan Patrick and his radio cohorts “the Danettes” competed in the historic Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Races, Saturday. Dan was the Bratwurst, producer Seton was the Chorizo, Paulie was the Polish Sausage, McLovin was the hot dog and Fritzy was the Italian sausage.

Due to Dan’s shoulder surgery earlier in the year, a Danette had to be selected to throw out the first pitch. Each Danette had his name put into a hat (although Dan revealed on Monday’s show that every slip of paper in the hat said “Fritzy”) and Fritzy was picked to throw the pitch. He went to the mound with a sleeveless, Sausage Race-ready shirt and a Go Pro camera strapped to his head. The pitch went high and outside but at least it didn’t bounce on the ground like Dan’s first pitch at Cubs stadium.

After a terrible year and being named the “Least Valuable Danette,” McLovin won the race in the hot dog suit and his Dartmouth-green knee socks. Seton just eked out a second-place finish over Dan, who finished in a close third. Paulie finished in fourth and Fritzy came dead last.

Photo: Todd Rosenberg

A solemn Dan Patrick spoke about the third-place finish after the race.

“Second doesn’t mean anything to me,” Patrick said, sulking. “I’m a winner, every day’s the Super Bowl. Might as well be last.”

Here is a video filmed by Patrick’s staff showing behind the scenes of the pre-race, race and post-race action and reactions.

The race coincided with a meet-and-greet event at a Milwaukee Buffalo Wild Wings, similar to the meet-and-greet Dan and the Danettes did in Los Angeles earlier this year.


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