The State of Alabama Tweets About College Football A Lot

Photo: Emory Sports Marketing Analytics

The college football offseason “began” when the final whistle blew in Miami, this January. But there isn’t really a college football offseason. There is national signing day, recruiting, spring games, transfers, arrests, Johnny Manziel’s Twitter acount, Preseason All-everything lists and award watch lists. The season never really ends, it just takes on a different form.

Emory University’s Sports Marketing Analytics team released their findings from a study in which they analyzed Twitter conversations about college football by state in the last six months.  They ranked states by the percentage of all Twitter conversations in that state that mention college football. Ranking every single Twitter conversation from every single state would take a while. These people have a lot of time on their hands.

The chart shows a map of the United States with individual states’ color scheme determined by the amount of college football Tweeting that happens. States like Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi are in the 84-100 percent range, while states like California and North Dakota apparently have other things to tweet about than college football, and are in the 0-14 percent range.

The top five college football tweeting states, according to the study are:

1) Alabama

2) Mississippi

3) Tennessee

4) South Carolina

5) West Virginia

[SB Nation]

This article also appears on Crystal Ball Run


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