USC Should Win Ten Games, But Probably Won’t

Photo: Sports Illustrated

USC fans need something to be happy about. After starting the season as the No. 1 team in the country, the Trojans’ promising year turned into a 7-6 disappointment.

They were close to being the most penalized team in the country, lacked depth and offensive creativity and fielded a defense that sometimes looked like they had never played football before. USC gave up the most yards and most points in school history to Oregon.

They lost to Stanford before the Cardinal even realized that Kevin Hogan was good at football, and dropped their bowl game against a Georgia Tech team that lost to Middle Tennessee State, 49-28.

But fear not Trojan fans, the 2013 schedule (on paper) looks pretty decent. Though we know how a seemingly-favorable 2012 season ended.

For the past five seasons, Oregon has been the dreaded November matchup, but the Ducks were cycled out of USC’s 2013 schedule, as was Washington. That news alone should bring a smile to a beleaguered USC fan’s face.

USC plays seven home games and six away games in 2013, including three weekday games. Have you ever seen USC play on a weekday in Corvallis? It won’t be pretty. USC hasn’t won at Oregon State since 2004. The 2013 USC/Notre Dame game is inexplicably scheduled in mid-October, but the UCLA game is back where it belongs, at the end of the season. Unfortunately, USC couldn’t get around every good team, and has to play Stanford in Los Angeles.

With  new defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast, some better team discipline and good coaching all-around, USC should at least win eight games in 2013. If they don’t, the backlash around Kiffin and the team will be astronomical.

In 2013, USC will most likely start the season unranked and will have to prove themselves on the field rather than start the season overrated and over-hyped by the media. And Matt Barkley isn’t walking through that door anymore.

Here’s USC’s full 2013 schedule including the PAC-12 Championship Game:

Aug. 29 at Hawaii

Sept. 7 Washington State

Sept. 14 Boston College

Sept. 21 Utah State

Sept. 28 at Arizona State

Oct. 10 Arizona

Oct. 19 at Notre Dame

Oct. 26 Utah

Nov. 1 at Oregon State

Nov. 9 at California

Nov. 16 Stanford

Nov. 23 at Colorado

Nov. 30 UCLA

Dec. 7 PAC-12 Title Game


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