Jeopardy! Contestants Don’t Watch College Football

I watch Jeopardy for two reasons: 1. To enhance my knowledge of useless trivia, and 2. Try and answer all of the questions as quickly as possible and convince myself that I know more than the actual contestants. Every night, I patiently wade through the Romantic poetry category and any category that remotely resembles science, and hope for sports. On Monday night, the lone sports category was revealed and it was “College Football Hall of Fame Players.” Alex would name two players and the contestants would be charged with naming their school. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

After the first two clues were answered easily – Joe Theismann and George Gipp went to Notre Dame, Lynn Swann and Marcus Allen went to USC – the three Jeopardy! competitors had either no idea, or did not dare to guess the other five responses.

I know these people aren’t sports fans, but really? Archie Griffin and Eddie George went to Georgia? Come on, Donna, you’re better than that.

Maybe if they’d spent a little less time with their noses in books and more time watching reruns of college football at 2 a.m. on ESPN Classic, they’d be $2400 richer.


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