Naming The Royal Baby

The royal child of Prince William and Catherine Middleton was revealed to the world today. He is a one-day-old boy whose name has yet to be announced. The speculation over the gender of the baby has now switched to speculation over the royal baby’s name. The Washington Post has a Royal Baby Name Generator and the UK-based betting service Ladbrokes has placed odds on his name: George at 5/2, James at 5/1 and Alexander at 7/1 are the favorites. Ladbrokes also has Psy and North at 5000/1 odds.

But I had some better ideas for a child as regal as this. My name suggestions:

  1. Saban.
  2. Andrew, but call him Andy because of Sir Andy Murray, Champion of Wimbledon.
  3. Jadeveon.
  4. Jonathan, the greatest of names. Correctly spelled, of course.
  5. Lane. He’d be very popular at a young age, recruit his bride very easily but never quite grasp how to coach her.
  6. Kevin.
  7. Sherlock.
  8. Liam, like the one from Oasis.
  9. Colin, like the one from the King’s Speech.
  10. Patrick, to make him sound Irish.
  11. Grantland.
  12. Manti. He’d have girlfriend problems, but what royal hasn’t, really?
  13. Jermajesty
  14. Prince. So that when he’s king, he’ll be King Prince.
  15. Kareem.

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