CBR: Jadeveon Clowney Apparently Cleared

Announcement: I’m going to start not only linking my college football articles to Crystal Ball Run, but only posting an excerpt here and sending you to Crystal Ball Run to read the rest of it, like Down Goes Brown does with Grantland. CBR actually pays me so they deserve the real article. But back to the story.

Earlier this week, South Carolina defensive lineman and master of the universe Jadeveon Clowney posted a picture a screengrab of an article on Instagram claiming he had been in contact with the rapper-turned-sports-mogul Jay, now hyphen-less, Z. The caption on Clowney’s Instagrammed photo read “You kno we about to turn up. Dream coming true.” Clowney quickly deleted the photo from his Instagram account and South Carolina’s compliance department was swift to investigate.

According to NCAA bylaws, “It is not a violation of NCAA rules if a student-athlete merely talks to an agent (as long as an agreement for agent representation is not established) or socializes with an agent. For example, a student-athlete could go to dinner with an agent and no NCAA violations would result if the student-athlete provided his own transportation and paid for his meal.”

A player can talk to agents all he wants, he just isn’t allowed to enter any type of agreement – verbal or written – with any agent until that athlete has left school.

Read the full post on Crystal Ball Run


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