CBR: Cowherd Mocks Kentucky For Letters; Kentucky Sends Him 50

Nation of Blue

Announcement: I’m going to start not only linking my college football articles to Crystal Ball Run, but only posting an excerpt here and sending you to Crystal Ball Run to read the rest of it, like Down Goes Brown does with Grantland. CBR actually pays me so they deserve the real article. But back to the story.

Recruiting in college football may be the most competitive industry in the country. Teams will do everything in their power to convince a 17 or 18 year old to come play football for them, and not their competitors. Anything that can give a team an edge towards wooing a talented high-schooler to play for them is worth it in the long run. Kentucky’s new football head coach Mark Stoops fancies himself a good recruiter, and other than the stereotypical visits and phone calls to recruits, Stoops has become famous for sending letters. Yes, every coach sends letters to recruits but Stoops sends dozens – or hundreds, in some cases – to the recruits he’s after. Every letter is handwritten, by the way.

Other coaches use the letter swarm technique, like Alabama who sent a recruit 105 letters, but ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd chose to single out Stoops and his letter-writing campaigns on his radio show. Cowherd thinks that the Post Office is worthless and that high school kids only have the mental capacity to read things written on screens, probably. While the letters can be seen as a bit much, I’m not sure what Cowherd’s problem is with the overloading of recruits with letters, as he himself once directed his fans to overload and crash a plucky little sports blog called the Big Lead that had probably written something about his hair.

Read the full post on Crystal Ball Run



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