Alabama Signee Is Flush With Cash

Friends don’t let friends Instagram pictures of cash. (Photo: USA Today Sports)

Alabama defensive line recruit Dee Liner (yes, he’s a D-Liner named Dee Liner) has stirred up some controversy after posting a picture of himself and two friends holding a wad of hundreds on Instagram. Liner is no stranger to media attention. He very publicly switched his commitment from Auburn to Alabama earlier this year and unsurprisingly, the photo of a few thousand dollars in cash garnered some conspiracy theories.

Liner (on left) posted this to Instagram. It was quickly deleted.

The Instagram photo was quickly deleted, but it spread around the Internet faster than Liner presumably spent that cash on Ramen and NCAA 14, like any college kid would. The photo caption read, “Me and my n****** we Ballin! #Day1N****** #StruggleOverWit!” The “#StruggleOverWit” line being the most concerning to Alabama fans, who see a future player of theirs insinuating that he was paid by someone to do something.

I have other theories on where Liner got this money.

Maybe he had a relative pass away and leave him a mysterious shoebox marked “Dee” that happened to be filled with stacks of hundreds, making him flush with cash. Maybe he worked at a retail store for years that only pays in hundreds. Maybe he was driving behind Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s car during one of his famous money-throwing stunts. Maybe an Auburn person hacked Liner’s Instagram, photoshopped the cash into his hands, wrangled up some of Liner’s friends and then posted it just to frame ‘Bama, Roll Tide. Maybe it’s not real cash and is being used as prop money for a rap video or casino heist film. Or maybe, and most plausibly, the money doesn’t belong to him.

I’m not sure what the real reason is, but I’m sure the Alabama compliance department is looking into it. Either way, if the money is actually Liner’s and it was acquired in an NCAA-sanctioned way, he could be the most popular kid on campus if he went on an Entertainment 720 “Free Money” binge.


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