AA: Lane Kiffin Closes Practice To The Media

Photo: Jon Soo Hoo/USC Football

Announcement: I’m going to start not only linking my articles to Awful Announcing, but only posting an excerpt here and sending you to Awful Announcing to read the rest of it, like Down Goes Brown does with Grantland. AA actually pays me so they deserve the real article. But back to the story.

In another move that will likely endear him to the local media, USC head football coach Lane Kiffin announced that fall practices will be closed this season. Kiffin has been trying to close practices throughout his tenure at USC, and finally convinced whoever needed to be convinced that it was the right idea. This ends a spectacular history of media savvy and openness from USC. Obviously the university is situated in a media-centric city, and the second biggest media market in the country, but that doesn’t mean that USC had to be open. USC just was. It used to be the most media friendly program in all of college football, and due to sanctions or Lane Kiffin’s own prerogatives, it has gotten worse every year since his arrival.

This is another piece in the paranoid puzzle that is Lane Kiffin.

The media will be able to attend fall camp before the season starts, as well as interviews with players and coaches after practice has ended.  “We’ve decided to finally follow the majority of all teams in college football and close our practices to the media during the season,” Kiffin told the LA Times.

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