Monthly Archives: August 2013

CSS: Alabama-Virginia Tech Preview

CSS: Bama wins, big deal.


AA: NBC Posts Own Ratings Record With Premier League

Awful Announcing: NBC boasts about a ratings record that isn’t really a record. People are watching soccer more.

AA: Les Miles Was Supposed To Be In “Ghost Shark”

Awful Announcing: Les Miles was cast in “Ghost Shark” but it never came to fruition. Damn.

CBR: Lane Kiffin Hands Out Ice Cream To The Band

CBR: Lane Kiffin handed out ice cream to the band. Nice gesture, or elaborate ploy to become loved?

CBR: SEC Announces 2014 Conference Football Schedule

Crystal Ball Run: SEC released its 2014 conference schedule today. The chase for nine begins, presuming that they win the eighth straight title this year, of course.

AA: Bowl Fever: Montgomery Gets The Camellia Bowl

Awful Announcing: You get a bowl game! And you get a bowl game!

Jay Onrait Loves Reading Promos for the NFL

“WATCH IT!” – Jay Onrait

AA: CBS Sports Net Is Moving Up The Dial On DirecTV

Awful Announcing: Now it’ll be easier to watch South Alabama play football.

CBS Sports Network College Football Schedule

CBS Sports Network has some fun games this year.

Stop What You’re Doing, The Jay And Dan Podcast Has Returned

The Jay and Dan Podcast has returned. And there was much rejoicing.