CBR: Finding A Johnny Manziel Jersey Is Easy, Thanks To Jay Bilas

Photo: @JayBilas

Announcement: I’m going to start not only linking my college football articles to Crystal Ball Run, but only posting an excerpt here and sending you to Crystal Ball Run to read the rest of it, like Down Goes Brown does with Grantland. CBR actually pays me so they deserve the real article. But back to the story.

ESPN analyst, lawyer and Toughness expert Jay Bilas spent his afternoon publicly pantsing the NCAA, showing the hypocrisy of their practices. Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel is under scrutiny and under investigation for allegedly selling his autograph: a cardinal sin in the eyes of the NCAA. The main disconnect with Manziel not being able to legally profit from his own likeness is that the NCAA can blatantly profit from it as much as they want.

Bilas – a known NCAA critic and overall TRILL guy – began his NCAA shaming with a tweet showing that when “Manziel” is searched on shopNCAAsports.com, actual No. 2 Texas A&M jerseys appear. This same result occurs with “Braxton,” “Denard,” “Marqise,” and even works with “Honey Badger.” Here are a few:

Read the full post on Crystal Ball Run


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