AA: ESPN officially announces Paul Finebaum’s return


After more than six months off the air, the voice of the SEC Paul Finebaum will return to the airwaves at 2 p.m. ET on Aug. 12, ESPN announced yesterday. His callers, his rabble-rousing, his open disdain for every team – according to that team’s fanbase – will all return very soon.

Finebaum declined to renew his contract with Cumulus Media Networks in January, leaving his flagship station 94.5 WJOX FM in Birmingham, Ala. After his non-compete clause in his contract had ended with Cumulus, Finebaum signed a multi-year contract with ESPN for an undisclosed amount. The radio host then moved from his Birmingham home to Charlotte, where the SEC Network is located, and from where his radio show will originate.

Finebaum is scheduled to make over 100 television appearances on the ESPN family of networks, and his radio show will be simulcast on the new ESPN-owned SEC Network when the channel launches in 2014. But as far as the new radio show was concerned, ESPN needed a distributor.

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