AA: CBS Sports Net Is Moving Up The Dial On DirecTV


On DirecTV, CBS Sports Network has been on channel 613. No one knows about it, no one goes that high looking for sports and CBS Sports Network doesn’t have the content to warrant searching for it.

But the channel is moving to DirecTV channel 221 on Aug. 21, a great move that puts them in the “sports section” of DirecTV’s lineup: the ESPN family of networks begin at DirecTV channel 206 and go through 209; the NFL Network is 212, MLB is 213, NHL Network is 215, NBA TV is 216, Tennis Channel is 217 and the Golf Channel is 218. If a DirecTV customer wants to aimlessly flip through the sports channels, they’ll go here, not channel 613. The regional sports networks start at the 600’s and run through channel 700 or so, but if there is a game on and you aren’t a subscriber to any extra package like MLB Extra Innings, those channels will be blacked out.

The national cable sports channels will now be aligned when CBSSN takes its place at 221.

Read the full post on Awful Announcing


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