LADIEEEEESSSSS Kliff Kingsbury Is On Your TV Screens

On a slow night in FootballLandia, Texas Christian University visited Texas Tech University. But who really cares about the game when Kliff Kingsbury is on the field. There will be points.

Lubbock, Texas is a slow town: 25 trees, one slight pile of dirt that the locals call “a hill,” rattlesnakes, cotton, cows, desert and now Texas Tech head football coach Kliff “Middle name unknown because he’s too mysterious, but if it was, it’d probably start with K” Kingsbury.

The youngest coach of a team in an automatic qualifying conference and the second-youngest in all of college football is also an offensive wonk, with an eternal five o’clock shadow, an endless supply of Oakley Frogskins sunglasses (because Ray Ban Wayfarers are for old people), and always has slicked, Great Gatsby hair and long sleeve t-shirts. His awesomeness is well-documented on the Sporting Herald and this is just another installment of the Kingsbury saga. He wants his offense to play without thinking, and he wants to look good.

He out-bro’s walk-on quarterback Baker Mayfield and Jesse Palmer at the same damn time.

Still has mad spin skillz.

He swears.

GIF: Cork Gaines

And he will entice your women to move to the middle of nowhere. He will also be played by Ryan Gosling in “Coaching By Your Own Rules, and Winning with Swag: The Kliff Kingsbury Story” on Lifetime.

GIF: Cork Gaines

Can he coach USC now?


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