This USC a capella song should never be seen by anyone, anywhere

What will help the morale of an underperforming football team more than a poorly performed a capella rap version of the school’s fight song?

USC has a prestigious film school, it has a prestigious music school and has alums who currently make music for a living like Aloe Blacc or the guy from the Offspring. Even Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly could’ve done this better.¬†Also, USC has current and former athletes like former basketball player Renaldo Woolridge and current football player Leon McQuay III who are actual rappers. But not using people who know how to rap in a school-sanctioned “promotional video” and going with Tad Williams, president of the a capella people, was definitely a good call, guys.

I have no problem with a capella, but when it turns into a Kidz Bop version of the USC fight song, and not a bangin’ mash up of popular tunes, I have a problem. Singing about the “V for Victory” hand sign and calling the listeners to “throw your deuces up” is just awful.

But hey, at least you can download it for free on iTunes! Maybe Lane Kiffin wrote, produced and directed this video and we can blame it on him.

“Trojans For Life” should have hit the cutting room floor. It’s almost like these kids want Utah State to win on Saturday.

By the way, there has already been a USC song made by Aloe Blacc, and it is much, much, much, much better.


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