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Thumbing Through The Tide: Against Tennessee

As I cover Alabama football games, I am beginning to favorite my favorite tweets concerning the games, which will let the Twitter-averse into the fun without having to log in. Here’s Tennessee.


A Week (or so) in Awful Announcing

Over the past week or so, I’ve written a few quick posts that are too short for individual posts. So, I decided to group them together.

CSS: Nick Saban Isn’t Going Anywhere

CSS: Alabama fans worried about losing their coach to another team can take a deep breath.

CSS: AJ McCarron Got Angry At Tennessee

CSS: Instead of treating Tennessee like another “faceless” opponent to be demolished, the Rocky Toppers’ comments in the week leading up to the game apparently made Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron angry.

CSS: The Tennessee-Alabama Rivalry Needs to be Competitive

CSS: With the proposed changes in Southeastern Conference scheduling, and a bigger push for competitive balance, this game needs to be competitive or Tennessee could be replaced by a team that Alabama won’t automatically beat by 25 every year.

CSS: Alabama beginning to look like unquestioned No. 1

CSS: The defense did its job and the offense discovered its full potential as Alabama beat Arkansas 52-0 on Saturday.

CSS: Alabama can play own style against Arkansas

CSS: Alabama loves playing teams that huddle.

AA: Kenny Mayne Is Back Doing SportsCenter, and that’s it

AA: Kenny Mayne is returning to SportsCenter, but his other responsibilities were thrown away.

CSS: Alabama has no trouble with Kentucky

CSS: Fumbles in the first half? No problem. We’ll only go score 48 points.

CSS: Alabama’s Depth Shines Through

CSS: Alabama played 70 guys against Georgia State and only scored 45. Ho hum.