CSS: Alabama’s Depth Shines Through

Photo: Jonathan Biles

Alabama treats every team the same, as if they’re “faceless,” as Saban and his players put it after the game. Anything less than equal preparation for each opponent will not be tolerated. But in their 45-3 win over Georgia State on Homecoming Week Saturday, it was depth that showed through for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

“I was grateful to play a lot of players today,” Saban said. “Obviously some of them did some good things and we have some things we need to correct. But I think the experience creates the best learning opportunity for every guy who had an opportunity to play.”

Alabama emptied out the depth chart on Saturday, playing over 70 players, according to Saban. The Crimson Tide also finally opened up the playbook, calling runs, passes – screens, play action and more – and got their previous communication issues apparently under control.

As part of the Panther blowout, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron was near-perfect: 15-of-16 passing for 166 yards and a tied personal best four touchdowns. He played so well that he was benched in the second quarter as Alabama led 35-0.

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