A Week (or so) in Awful Announcing


I write for the much-lauded sports media site Awful Announcing, but you knew that. Over the past week or so, I’ve written a few quick posts that are too short for individual posts. So, I decided to group them together.

Here they are:

Brent Musberger can’t stop thinking about Katherine Webb

Brent Musberger has reached the age where he knows that he is still great at doing play-by-play, but also if knows that if he gets fired, he’ll be fine. After making Alabama sweetheart and Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb famous by declaring his attraction for her during the national title game last year, Big Game Brent was at it again on Saturday.

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Shannon Sharpe wins the lottery

NFL Hall of Famer, pregame show talking head and mortal enemy of salad bar spray guards Shannon Sharpe won the lottery yesterday. No, not the big Powerball $500 million one, but the lottery nonetheless. He tweeted that he won $1200 and is another example of why wealthy people should not advertise any moments of financial luck.

Read the full post on Awful Announcing

Jack Wilshere relieves himself on live TV

The hopes of the English National Soccer team rely on the feet and heads of many individuals, including young English midfielder Jack Wilshere. Anything that the training staff of the team can do to keep the injury-prone Wilshere happy, they will, including shielding him when he needs to urinate during a training session. Unfortunately for Wilshere, the entire event was caught on camera during a live broadcast of the team’s training session in the lead-up to their game against Poland tomorrow.

Read the full post on Awful Announcing


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