AA: Sports Illustrated’s Report on Oklahoma State Helped Recruiting


Maybe there isn’t such a thing as bad press.

In September, Sports Illustrated released a five-part report on some serious lack of institutional control involving the Oklahoma State football program. One report surfaced per day for five days and they involved money, academics, drugs, sex and the fallout from the previous four. The report was mired in controversy, with claims of poor reporting, lack of credibility and the questioned journalistic makeup of Thayer Evans, one of SI’s writers on the story.

But when the season started, in conjunction with the questioned validity of SI’s report, the news cycle passed over the report faster than it was rolled out. There has not been an NCAA investigation, nor has there been really any discussion about the findings since Week 1: Oklahoma State is currently No. 10 in the BCS standings and has a high profile matchup with Baylor on Saturday. (For odds on how Oklahoma State will finish next season, go to SportsBettingOnline.ag)

After weeks of nothing, Oklahoma State football head coach Mike Gundy was asked how the SI report affected his program.

Read the full post on Awful Announcing


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