Hello, Losers: 2014 Golden Globes Predictions

I got a new job!

I’ve always loved award shows and trying to predict the outcome of things comes with the territory in sportswriting so covering award shows is the perfect side gig to my other side gigs. The blog conglomerate Bloguin owns two sites that list my name on their masthead: Awful Announcing and Crystal Ball Run. Last year, Bloguin started its own pop culture site called the AP Party – I don’t know what the name means so don’t ask me. The AP Party was sadly without an awards editor, which is a real job at places like Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, so I volunteered. I saw a an opportunity and capitalized on the ability to synergize backward overflow, or something that Jack Donaghy would say.

After all that, here is my prediction column that begins with a sizable preamble containing my thoughts on the nominations and how the Hollywood Foreign Press Association votes weirdly.

Read the full piece on the AP Party.


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