AP Party: Release Date Effects Oscar Nominations


The annual lead-up to the Academy Awards (this year on March 2) is more about campaigning for a film then the actual film itself. Categories are mostly limited, politicking is prevalent (and a little overt this year) and snubs are obvious and subjective at the same time.

There will always be snubs: This year’s list includes Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Emma Thompson, Joaquin Phoenix and others. But many performances, and films in general were forgotten not because of their inferior quality, but because of their release date.

American Hustle, or Explosion at the Wig Factory as Tina Fey put it at the Golden Globes, received 10 nominations and is apparently loved by the Academy this year. David O. Russell is riding an award hot-streak recently, having a movie nominated for Best Picture in each of the last three consecutive Academy Awards. Gravity also received 10 nominations, including Sandra Bullock for Best Actress and a host of technical categories, while 12 Years a Slave received nine nominations.

Every category’s nominees can be seen here.

This year, the typical “Oscar season” was the same as in previous years, from October through November. (The deadline to be considered for eligibility is Dec. 31.) But “Oscar season” should qualify as the entire year.

Read the full column on the AP Party


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