National Signing Day-a-palooza


(Photo by Jonathan Biles)

As we all know by now, Alabama had the No. 1 recruiting class for 2014. And there was much rejoicing. I was very busy yesterday, trying to remember how writing about a winning team feels after covering Alabama basketball for a month.

So instead of posting each article I did yesterday, it was easier to post all of them (and a podcast) in one, easy to access post.

Here they are:

First, linebacker Rashaan Evans picked Alabama over his hometown Auburn team.

This made news for two reasons. Evans had yet to commit to Alabama when his full bio – highlight reel and all – was posted on the Auburn website. Whoops.

Now that everyone’s signed and delivered, it’s time to get to know these newbies.

First, the eight early enrollees:

Now the other 19:

And, for good measure, a column about Nick Saban and his thoughts on the class.

And finally, a very special National Signing Day edition of “Crimson Tide Weekly.” I have some thoughts and call new punter JK Smith a “weapon” again.

I imagine Nick Saban celebrated either by doing the Electric Slide (more on that later) or walking around pointing at whatever championship ring he wore that day. Like this:




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