Who hosts the Olympics if NBC loses it?


The Summer and Winter Olympics are a spectacle, worthy of comprehensive television coverage and hours of airtime. While NBC has received some criticism for their tape delayed protocol with the Olympics, the ratings are steadily high and the quality is stellar. Which is good because NBC has the U.S. television rights for both the Summer and Winter Olympics through 2020, outbidding Fox and ESPN by close to a billion dollars in 2011.

Bob Costas, his former eye infection, Dan Patrick, Al Michaels, Rebecca Lowe and Bob Costas fill-ins Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira have done a fine job in their hosting duties during these games in Sochi. Mary Carillo, Cris Collinsworth, Jimmy Roberts and others have accompanied the hosts well as correspondents. The horde of skilled broadcasters on hand for NBC is impressive, as is the seemingly smooth process of broadcasting such a massive event.

NBC has the Olympics down to a science and doesn’t appear to be relinquishing its control over the quadrennial events anytime soon. But if NBC would have been drastically outbid by Fox, ESPN or CBS, and they were broadcasting these Winter Olympics from Sochi, who would be their Bob Costas or Dan Patrick? It’s a fun hypothetical question to ask who would be covering the Olympics if it were televised by Fox, CBS, or NBC. Here’s who the main Olympic personalities might be at those networks…

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