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The A-Day Game matters to most

Most major college football programs have spring games; some charge an entrance fee, some are nationally televised. But Alabama’s “A-Day” spring game is different.


On the Radio

I talked about things on the radio.

PODCAST! About A-Day

The last pod of the Spring.

AA: Draft Day is a mid-round pick at the box office

The mildly anticipated film Draft Day hit theaters this weekend, and it made $9.8 million at the box office.

Vinnie’s knee healing, closer to how it felt when he was a yute

The decision to leave school a year early and turn professional can be difficult. For former Alabama safety Vinnie Sunseri, his final decision wasn’t made until the deadline.

Return of the Podcast

After taking some unintentional, yet apparently needed time off, the Crimson Tide Weekly Podcast has returned.