Alabama-LSU Week and what I’ve been writing

It’s the lead-up to Alabama’s final away game and one of the most important games of the season. Here’s what I’ve been doing all week.

First, Alabama’s starting left tackle might return after being injured against Tennessee.

Then, it was election day and some people voted for Amari Cooper. 

Alabama is ranked No. 5 in the Playoff rankings. Nick Saban still doesn’t care, and nor should you.

Auburn got a little cocky with its recent — and awesome — new shirts and stickers.

For a little fun on Awful Announcing, a panel of a bunch of sports media nerds (myself included) got together and advocated for what we’d like to see as far as advances in sports broadcasting. I advocated for a football with GPS.

Finally, Alabama’s players who hail from Louisiana like safety Landon Collins are ready for their homecoming.

“Going back home, playing against my home state, I’m definitely excited about that,” Collins said. “Personally, it means a lot. Just want to show them I picked the right team, definitely, that we’re the dominant force, we’re the best team in the SEC.”


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