I’m Jonathan Biles. I love sports. Sportsy, sports, sports. I watch many things other than sports. This is a site where I will talk about sports and those aforementioned other things. My objective for this site is to write and write a lot, provide some commentary or analysis that maybe you didn’t know you needed (Kind of like SkyMall magazine), and make bad jokes. A place for fans to yell and scream, as well as tell me to “stick to sports,” that is an uncluttered, streamlined way to talk and read about things you may enjoy.

Here are other things that I enjoy:

  • Long-form sportswriting
  • Short-form sportswriting
  • Tweet-form sportswriting
  • Camp Songs
  • Dog Shows
  • Sports Media
  • Fantasy Anything. Seriously, I play Fantasy Tennis.
  • Late Night Talk Shows
  • Top Gear UK Challenges
  • Celebrity All-Star games
  • Sports Talk Radio
  • SNL
  • Any failure in the life of Vince Young
  • Buzzer Beaters
  • Teen Tournament Week on Jeopardy
  • Underdogs in College Basketball. Overdogs in College Football.
  • The Dan Patrick Show
  • A plethora of podcasts
  • A myriad of television shows
  • Guys with “A High Motor”

And I always wear a tux after 6 p.m. What am I, a farmer? 

The Sporting Herald sounds official, doesn’t it? It’s meant to, but if I ever start to take myself too seriously, I’ll probably stop.


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