Greatest Hits

Because I don’t know how to put the posts I like best on some sort of list, I’ll just make my own. So, on this page, I will put the stories that are the best written or the ones that I think are funny or like the best. 

Here they are, in order of oldest to newest. Check back for new pieces:

Harvey Updyke Sentenced, Alabama Fans Respond [EXCLUSIVE] – So the Auburn tree poisoner was sentenced to prison, I made up a fake EDSBS email sent to Paul Finebaum by angry Alabama fans.

“Formula 1 on NBC Sports Network: You Should Watch It” – My first attempt at a sports media article. You really should watch F1.

“Meet Your Idols: My Fifteen Seconds With Dan Patrick” – I went to Huntington Beach and waited two hours to get a picture with Dan Patrick. And I’d do it again tomorrow.

“A Return To Normal” – A column I wrote after the Boston Marathon about sports teams being a source of joy and escape in a time of mourning and fear.

“PAWWWWWWWL Is Back” – Paul Finebaum signed a new deal with ESPN. I wrote about it.

“LeBron’s Second” – Everyone can shut up about LeBron now. My Column:

“Sharknado: A Running Diary” – SPOILER ALERT: Tara Reid is not eaten.

Behind the Ropes At SEC Media Days” – My friend and I snuck behind the ropes at the event. I wrote about it.

Come for the Highlights, Stay for the Jay and Dan” – Fox Sports Live announced its cast and I spent most of the time talking about the two Canadian anchors.

“Media Column: College Pregame Shows; MMQB Launches” – My first full media column.

The Awful Announcing College Football Broadcaster Draft, Had I Participated: Pretty self explanatory. Got some great responses by my actual draft picks on Twitter, so that was cool.

Alabama Shuts Out Ole Miss: My very first Alabama football game column (on deadline) with a media credential.

College Gameday Literally Came to My City: Kinda self-explanatory

An Iron Bowl for the Ages: A lot can happen.

Will Sugar Bowl loss spur change at Alabama?: Saban can’t keep getting beat by these hurry up offenses.


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